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4 Apps to Increase Audience Engagement

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 8, 2017 1:35:53 PM / by Taylor Trujillo

It’s hard to deny technologies ever present self in today’s modern society.

Day after day, you reach for your phone to check the latest news on Twitter, find out what the weather is going to be, or to see where your friends are traveling on Instagram. While nothing will ever compare to the interactions you have in real life, it’s getting harder and harder to deny that online interactions are now equally as important. It’s time to accept that traditional ways of networking and broadcasting news are no longer going to work. Technology and app companies are noticing the trend and are here to help! It’s time to go online, where you’re attendees, customers, and clients are. We’ve done some research and found 4 apps that can be used to drive engagement at your next event!


First up we have Everwall, formerly known as Tweetwall, this app allows you to have a real-time dashboard displayed of the activity of your event through Twitter and Instagram when event-goers use specific hashtags. Set a hashtag and make sure it’s displayed proudly throughout the event that way people know how to get on the board! The app also can show “leaderboards” which display top ranked tweeters and ‘grammers.


Next up is CrowdCompass, an app which provides necessary information to both you and your event-goers. CrowdCompass can be set up to provide attendees with up-to-date event information, as well as interactive maps, attendee messaging, and social media connectivity. On the opposite end, the app also allows for management to keep track of attendee counts, in addition to collecting data on your patrons with polling features.


Eversnap is third in line, and gives your patrons a more visual look into your event. Eversnap will collect all attendee photos and videos so that they can live in an online album. Guests can save photos and videos directly to their phones once they’re on the app and share them as they please. You can now also display the photos live during the event, giving guests a sneak peek into what’s in-store for them once the app is downloaded!

Last up is Aloompa, which allows you to create custom mobile apps for your event. This option is a bit more convenient for multi-day events and allows you to jam pack the app with necessary information including maps, schedules, FAQ’s, and social platforms. A huge bonus to Aloompa, the program is designed to work especially well in places with poor connectivity and wifi, so no need to worry if that’s something your event is lacking, attendees will still be able to access all of the information!


Whether you’re a theatre, rodeo, fair, or event venue going online is for you! The tools are there, take advantage of them!

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Taylor Trujillo

Written by Taylor Trujillo