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Instagram Stories and Snapchat Stories : Marketing to Millennials

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 30, 2016 11:25:03 PM / by agency-it

Instagram changed the way of the social media news feed by focusing on pictures and videos only- minimal text and reading necessary. Like many other social media sites, Instagram integrated a messaging platform to their app, to chat with friends and send each other posts you like.

Snapchat, on the other hand, took the need for picture messaging to the next level, by making it their sole purpose of their app. Snapchat works like any messenger or SMS messaging- send pictures or videos to friends and followers, only the video or picture expires after it’s viewed. The other way Snapchat snuck back into the news feed setup is with stories- for any of your followers to view- and expires after 24 hours.
Back to Instagram- Instagram stories. Like Snapchat, you can add a temporary picture or video to your profile on Instagram that will expire after 24 hours. Instagram also integrated the much-loved filters, doodling abilities, and other adages to stories similar to Snapchat’s. So which one is better for business and social media outreach?
Snapchat is more personal. Their platform for messaging and setup feels more like texting, which is a good thing and a bad thing. Your clients might enjoy a Snapchat story update that they can view anytime in a 24 hour period, but might feel a little invasive if you send a direct message. In contrast, clients might enjoy the quick-and-dirty response of a video or picture if they’ve initiated the conversation.
Instagram might reach more audiences. The platform for different types of social media posts are varied, and Instagram stories don’t interrupt the regular news feed style. Your Instagram profile will still show the permanent grid of photos on your profile, with the addition of stories just shows a colored ring around your profile picture to viewers if you’ve made a story (temporary).
Marketing to millennials is a hot topic in business and in marketing in general. Typical, tried and true marketing methods don’t reach audiences like they used to, especially in the 20 somethings and under crowd. Millennials crave curated, honest and reliable products and services, and the way they want to get their advertisements reflects that. Most use ad blocking plugins on websites, don’t watch cable tv or listen to the radio. Tailored social media posts on either social network make ads part of where millennials are looking already. Gaining followers on either social media site by creating interesting, non-invasive, and authentic posts will help you achieve a better online presence as well as advertising to millennials.

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Written by agency-it