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Marketing to Millennials: SnapChat

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 7, 2017 11:29:00 PM / by agency-it

Marketing to millennials is becoming increasingly more difficult, with many 18-30 year olds online with a completely ad-free experience. Many use ad blockers online, stream tv and movies, and stream or download music as well (no radio ads).

SnapChat has become a favorite social media app for multiple reasons, namely dissolving the “news feed” layout that most social media sites use. SnapChat divides its interface with direct messages or snaps, and story snaps that act similar to a news feed. Further, SnapChat has a “Discover” feature that showcases popular editorials and stories such as the NFL or Mashable, but still in the same video format.

Another way to gain traffic other than basic SnapChat snaps and stories is with Snap ads. Snap ads are non-invasive, playful and work seamless with integrated content. Most Snap ads are 10 seconds long, and the viewer can then “swipe up” for more content. This “swipe up” content can be for an app download, an article, longer video content, or a mobile preview of your website. Each of these options are 100% customizable for your content.

Next is sponsored geofilters and lenses. Much different than ads, geofilters and lenses advertise to users while they still generate their own content. Geofilters work like stickers and can be used for national campaigns, or use GPS for particular area(s). For example, during the halftime show at the Super Bowl, people in a 5 mile radius of the stadium can upload their own content (video, picture) using the geofilter of “SB51.” For a more lighthearted experience, users can implement lenses on their selfies that can be sponsored content. These lenses warp, color, and change the user's’ face and voice into comical distortions - again for their own content. Lenses don’t depend on GPS- so you can launch a national campaign that can be used by all SnapChat users.

These different advertising methods for SnapChat speak to millennials for multiple reasons, but the main point is user-based content. You can use SnapChat to advertise your venue for upcoming shows, ticket releases and more before, during and after your event. For more information about SnapChat ads, visit https://www.snapchat.com/ads


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Written by agency-it