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New Employee Spotlight: Stacey Cohen White

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 15, 2017 11:25:34 PM / by agency-it

Q: Tell us a little about yourself and your background.

I am originally from Phoenix, and have lived here most of my life (except for short stints in Fresno, CA, Las Vegas, NV, and Seattle, WA). I spent 15 years of my career on either the team or agency side of professional sports marketing after getting my degree in Marketing from the University of Arizona (Bear Down!). I’m a big fan of sports but am in no way athletic (unless you count bowling) – but I do own two WCHL Taylor Cup rings with my name on it. I have been married to my husband Corey for a year and a half, and we live with our two cats (full time) and three stepchildren (part-time) in Phoenix. In my spare time, I’m a volunteer advisor for a Jewish high school youth group. I love live music, good gluten free and dairy free food (yes, that is a thing!), and traveling anywhere outside of the USA.

Q: What brought you to TicketForce?

I had spent a year with another ticketing company back in 2004, and as a result have been following TicketForce for quite a while. I had been working in nonprofit for about 16 months but was itching to get back into the live sports/entertainment business. I’ve always admired how Lynne and Brad run their business, so when a position opened up I jumped to apply and was lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to join #thebestteaminticketing in January 2017.

Q: What's your experience with arts and live events?

I spent 10 years in professional hockey, and worked well over 400 games.  I have been attending concerts as regularly as I can since my first real show at age 12.  I love the feeling of being in a room with anywhere from 100 to 10,000 people and knowing that you’re sharing a common experience that can never be exactly replicated anywhere else. I firmly believe everything is better experienced live, bands sound better in small, dark clubs than arenas, and it’s okay to wear a team jersey to a game but not okay to wear a band’s t-shirt to their concert.

Q: What was the most memorable live event you've attended?

Professionally, that would be Game 6 of the 2002 Taylor Cup Finals in Boise, ID – my team was up 3-2 in the series, but the score was tied until early in the second overtime when we finally scored the series-winning goal. I had to run down to the dressing room as soon as the winning goal was scored to get the players their championship hats and shirts that we’d had made in secret the week before… definitely the most stressful and exhilarating game I’ve been a small part of in my life. Personally, the most memorable event was my first Depeche Mode concert in July of 1990 at the Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum – it was my first real concert (I went with a friend whose mother sat with us because we were too young to be alone) and I’ve been hooked on the band and the live show experience ever since.

Q: Anything else you want to add? Random fact about yourself?

I really, really hate cheese. I’ve only met one other person in my life that agrees with me on that!


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