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4 Things to Remember When Using Twitter for Customer Service

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 16, 2016 9:26:30 PM / by agency-it

As more and more customers turn to social media to resolve customer service issues, companies need to be able to meet the demand in a way that’s engaging and effective. Here, read our 4 things to remember as you use Twitter and other social media accounts to provide customer service.


1. Every tweet you write is highly visible — and permanent. We’ve all read in the news about social media disasters that are reported even after the post has been deleted. The truth about the internet is that everything is permanent — even if you delete it afterward. Make sure your responses are edited before hitting send, or you might be suffering from regret later. 

2. Everyone expects a quick response. When people take to Twitter or Facebook for customer service requests, they’re doing so because they expect it to be faster than calling or emailing. What does that mean for you? Have a dedicated person (or few) at your company who is able to have an app on their phone with notifications turned on. This is especially important for us in the event industry, as most events take place on weekends or in the evening hours. Even if the issue can’t be resolved immediately, plan on responding to every request in the first 15 minutes, if only to ask for more time to take care of things. 

3. Know when to move the conversation to a PM (private message). It sounds like a no-brainer, but don't exchange sensitive information in a public tweet or response. If you know you can solve a patron issue over Twitter, move the conversation to a private message so you can collect their order number and other sensitive information out of the public eye. 

4. Make every interaction meaningful. This is the step that moves your customer service from acceptable to extraordinary. Customers take the Twitter for help, but by taking the time to create a meaningful connection with them, you'll have the chance to create a loyal patron and influencer.


Many companies lists “increased customer satisfaction” as a top reason for offering customer service on Twitter, and we want to join them! 85% of customers who have a satisfactory interaction are likely to recommend the brand to others. What can you do today to provide better customer service to your patrons online?

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Written by agency-it