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Every person – women and men - can play a part in helping drive better outcomes for women. No matter your personal experience the facts are clear and simple. Across the world, there is a significant gap between men and women in four key areas: health, education, economy and politics. Read the report here.

Around the world, International Women’s Day provides an opportunity for awareness and action we can all participate in to help close the gap.

At TicketForce, we celebrate our diversity in race, religion, sexuality, and gender. I work every day in an effort to provide a workplace that is free of bias and judgement. We are not perfect. So in an effort to grow, and encourage all of our team to take a stand and raise awareness, I’m offering today as an opportunity to support and encourage both the women of TicketForce, the women in all of our lives, and the women across the world in efforts to see equality in every area of our lives realized.


- On International Women’s Day I’m wearing the color red in solidarity with women everywhere.

- I’m offering a simple exercise that we at TicketForce can choose to participate in as a way to take a day and examine whether any of us – men and women – have elements of bias that may have unwittingly crept in. I’m in. Are you?

- As an exercise of awareness, I’m offering this simple exercise: to bring a different perspective or appreciation of the women at TicketForce, if just for a day.

- Are there any tasks outside of our normal jobs that are predominantly done by women in our office?

-       Answering the phones?

-       Cleaning up the kitchen?

-       Tidying up the office?

-       Putting away office supplies?

-       Others?

- Let me suggest that all of these tasks NOT be done by the women and instead are done by the men.  Just for today. Just to see how it makes us think. (To be clear: I have found the men and women on our TicketForce team to be supportive, open-minded, and unbiased towards women. I’m blessed and I thank each of you!​)

All I can do is suggest. This is not an exercise intended to cause division, but hopefully to make each of us take pause. Perhaps even in our mostly inclusive, mostly happy, and incredibly awesome home away from home, we can do even better.

Here’s to women everywhere and today thinking of many who suffer much greater injustice than any of us can understand.  

Tell your story today on social media using the hashtag #WD2017 #IWD and #BEBOLDFORCHANGE

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