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Get to know the Enterprise Platform: Full House

[fa icon="calendar"] Sep 2, 2016 12:51:35 AM / by agency-it

No more empty seats.

Full House is a world first in event marketing technology designed to maximize venue occupancy. This incredible feature allows you to scan the venue at any point during the on sale period and identify available seats in the event build.

The system will then trigger an email to be sent to the customers that are sitting adjacent to those seats, inviting them to purchase the seats next to them.

What next?

Available seats are placed on hold and a unique link is generated for each customer. The targeted customers are then invited to purchase seats within a designated timeframe. They can forward the offer link to friends or family via email and Facebook.

Your seats, your control.

Full House puts all the control in your hands. You choose when to scan the venue with Full House, the timeframe fans will have to purchase seats, and whether or not to offer fans a discount with a customized price plan.

Full House also lets you put a strategy in place before your season begins. Simply set up the campaign before your season starts and let it do the work for you.

Find your best fans

It’s easy to set up and stop campaigns at any time, so you can maximize your venue’s capacity right up to the day of the event. And the best part? You’ll identify the customers likely to purchase last minute tickets, so you can market smarter in the future.

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Written by agency-it