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How to Gain Insight with Instagram Polls

[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 27, 2017 11:33:31 AM / by Taylor Trujillo

Customer engagement is a key component to any successful event. Turning to social media is an easy, and effective way to allow your patrons to be heard and give input, and Instagram just released an update sure to make it fun as well!


It seems that almost weekly you can expect some kind of major update to your social apps. Recently, Twitter started beta testing 280 character tweets (jury’s still out on whether or not this one will stick) and picture posting app, Instagram introduced story polls! Polling within a video isn’t completely new to the scene, as Snapchat added a similar feature only a few weeks ago. It seems that Instagram is completely ready to keep up in the ‘who’s got the better app arm’s race’, and are we excited that they decided to keep up with the trend!

The new feature allows you to drag and drop the poll onto your picture, from there you’ll be prompted to write a question, with the default answers being ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ however, you do have the ability to change the two answer options to whatever you’d like them to be! Your followers can select one or the other, and they immediately get to view the results. On the back end, you can see who voted for what in the same place where you see who has viewed your story.

In addition to this awesome new feature, Instagram is also making it super easy to color match text to colors in your photo with the ‘hue matcher’ feature, and extra simple to center and level stickers and text with a middle marker that appears on the screen when the object is near the middle.

Polling can be a quick and easy way to allow your patrons a chance to feel a part of the process. Stuck between a couple of options for your upcoming event? Take it to your customers, and happy polling!





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Taylor Trujillo

Written by Taylor Trujillo