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Your Ticketing Software Should Be Doing These Four Things

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 21, 2018 9:01:00 AM / by Taylor Trujillo

When beginning the search for a new ticketing software, most people start with a checklist. Some of the more common factors that top your list might include: easy to use, professional interface, quick check-out, and simple to read reports. It’s easy to get caught up making sure the basics are in place. As technology, customer behavior, and the way we communicate changes so should your ticketing platform. Here are four items we’ve been hearing are becoming more valuable to future success from venues in the market.

  • MOBILE FRIENDLY – With Millennials and Gen Z’ers attending more and more live events, it’s important to make sure you are where they are. Having a platform with the ability to optimize mobile has never been more important to increasing your revenue. Printed tickets can be difficult for some patrons to get ahold of since printers are slowly going the way of the VCR. Purchasing and storing tickets on smartphones makes it simple and quick to get into the event or venue on time to enjoy the show!
  • SOCIAL MEDIA INTEGRATION – It’s no secret that people love letting their friends and family know what they’re up to, and we love it even more when they can come along for the adventure! Social sharing makes it easy for patrons to announce what they’re doing - with quick links to also purchase tickets. In the end, it also serves as another intelligent marketing tool for you to get your event out there, inviting more people to come along for the ride.
  • PAYOUT OPTIONS – Some ticketing platforms pay you up front before the event and some pay you after the event is over. However, it’s few and far between that you’ll find a company who gives you the option to choose what’s best for you. Merchant accounts make it simple for you to get your money right away with only a few fees to take care of later. If that doesn’t sound like something that would work for you then payouts are usually the alternate option. Don’t let your ticketing company dictate how you get paid, look for one that allows you the freedom to choose which works better for you.
  • TECHNICAL SUPPORT/TRAINING - With any new thing you do there’s a learning curve, and the initial set up and training is key, but what sets a great ticketing software apart from a good one is the continued personal support and training afterwards. Look for a platform that gives you a dedicated client rep, includes all future software updates, and bonus points if call center support and on-site trainings are also a part of the package.

If these four features aren’t somewhere on your checklist, it’s time to add them now! Our partners at TicketForce know the value of these solutions and are looking beyond “right now” and into future technology and trends to stay successful. Visit our website if you’d like to discover more solutions that our team is working on to make your work life easier and selling tickets more fun and reach out with any questions or ideas to theteam@ticketforce.com.

Taylor Trujillo

Written by Taylor Trujillo