IAVM Action in Arizona

16 May

IAVM Action in ArizonaTicketForce enjoys working with a wide variety of venues. One of the biggest supporters of venue rights is the International Association of Venue Managers, or the IAVM.

The IAVM is an association made up of professional individuals who advocate issues relating to the management of public venues. There are currently more than 3,000 members of the IAVM in Arizona’s region.

A recent issue facing IAVM Arizona has been the Omnibus Firearms Bill, SB1201. SB1201 would have allowed firearms into public venues that lack airport-style security, adding huge costs to those facilities not currently practicing this type of security enforcement. In the end, the IAVM was able to get their multipurpose facilities exempt from the bill. Stadiums, theaters and cultural buildings are all considered multipurpose facilities.  This exemption allows venues to continue to forbid firearms, but does not require them to obtain high-end security monitors to do so. Governmental purpose firearms were not defined in the bill.

Many public venues are thankful that the IAVM was able to get in touch with the correct State Representatives and properly convey the burden and stress this bill would put onto venues. The end result was successfully adapting that portion of the bill to protect public venues. In the end, Governor Brewer vetoed this bill, but the lesson learned is that organizations like the IAVM can put their combined resources to work and assist venue managers and owners of every size.

Venue owners and managers, industry professionals and students with an interest in the exciting world of venue management will benefit from the networking and professional development made possible by the IAVM.

This summer, don’t miss the 2011 Venue Connect Annual Conference and Trade Show – it’s in TicketForce’s home town of Phoenix, Arizona! We’ll be there, volunteering, supporting, exhibiting and networking and we hope to see you there!

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