A Word From Some Satisfied Customers

2 Jun

At TicketForce, one thing we pride ourselves on is offering a great combination of easy-to-use technology and excellent customer service. With a 99.9% up time on our custom ticketing solutions, we rarely experience technical issues. For the little times we do, we respond immediately to ensure that the client is 100% taken care of. Our customers definitely appreciate our hard work and dedication. In fact, we’ve come across a few things that were shared about us! Check out what TicketForce’s clients (and their ticket buyers) are saying.

Via Facebook:

“Love the new Ticketing system! Last year I had 2 computers and 2 phones going and it still took me over an hour and I didn’t get the best seats. This year under 5 minutes and I got awesome seats!!”
“I love the new system. Had my tickets in 2 minutes, not an hour like previous years”
“Great ticket system…better than most concert ticket sales!”
“Way Faster and got great tickets!!! Wooo Hooo can’t wait!!!”

Via email:

“I was really, really happy with TicketForce. […] I think you have a great product–but I think it was Erika Leddy who made the whole thing a great experience. She was attentive, and conscientious, and patient, and never too busy to clarify an issue for me. The next time I need an outside ticketing company–the first (and hopefully ONLY) call I’ll make will be to TicketForce.”

“Erika does a fantastic job. She has a great attitude, and provides exemplary customer service. She always helps any/all of our troubleshooting issues. She’s been a big help in helping us understand TF. We appreciate having her as our support rep.”

“We have been with Ticketforce for 4 years. The level of service has been outstanding. The QCPAC functions in many different ways now becoming the ticket office for the Town of Queen Creek and Nathan, Robert and Brad will do anything they can to solve our needs.”

At TicketForce, we appreciate all of our customers and their feedback – positive or negative – as new ways to learn and grow. Please, help us out, and keep it coming! Thank you to all of our wonderful clients and customers!

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