Friday #musicwrap: Musicians That Are Still Going Strong!

22 Jul

Friday #musicwrap


Hectic schedules, lack of money woes, comebacks that have been a long time coming…such are the topics in this week #musicwrap!

Boyz II Men haven’t hit the end of the road yet, as they’re celebrating their 20th anniversary as the famous and talented R&B group with a new album. The group still records and performs regularly but they have yet to see the kind of success they had with their first two albums, ‘Cooleyhighharmony’ in 1991 and “II”, their sophomore album, both selling a combined 21 million copies. Their upcoming album “Twenty” will feature new songs as well as new renditions of their old hits. Check out the Billboard article to find out what’s happened in the past two decades and what they plan on doing.


Lady Gaga was on Howard Stern’s radio show previously and she revealed a lot to the famous radio host. Gaga states how she doesn’t care about money (paraphrased on this blog in a less expletive form) and the emotion behind her latest single, ‘Edge of Glory.’ The only thing she didn’t open up about was her love life, dodging the subject to the best of her ability but then darting to the subjects of drug use, having a piano teacher who was a stripper and many, many other startling as well as humorous confessions. Get a good dose of details over the interview in the MTV article and if you’ve got the time, listen to the chat here.

Blink-182’s singer and guitarist Tom Delonge admits that their “indefinite hiatus” in 2005 was “really stupid” to BBC Radio 1 host Zane Lowe. DeLonge blames the external pressures or what he refers to as ‘the machine’ for contributing to the band’s break up. Of course when you get to the age that the band members were at, you have a family to look after. DeLonge  prioritized his daughter over Blink-182’s time-consuming schedule.The rock trio are coming out with a new album though, one that DeLonge cites as their “best work by far.” Read MTV’s detailed article on the interview here.

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