#musicwrap: MadPad, MJ, Classical Moves

11 Sep

It’s a special weekend edition of #musicwrap!

DJ Everyday Sounds
The new app on the street is getting all sorts of attention. Smule welcomes MadPad HD, a musical app that lets users mash up everyday sounds and video clips into visual and audio masterpieces. It reminds us of that McDonald’s commercial with the hand-jiving couple, only this app lets users record, input other sounds and upload straight to YouTube! At just $2.99, it’s a great deal for the iPad and definitely gets the creative juices flowing.

MJ Tribute Concert
The tribute concert for Michael Jackson will air live October 8. Just a month away, new additions to the tribute are being added every day. Jamie Foxx is the latest performer to sign on, joining an already star-studded cast of Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Smokey Robinson and Beyonce. The tribute will be airing live from Wales and has received some backlash from fan groups after a statement made by Jermaine and Randy Jackson.

Bust a Classical Move
Looking at the “Top 40” for music today makes classical music lovers cringe. The trend of what is “hip” and “catchy” is dictated by the record producers. Classical music supporters are using these trends and are creatively coming up with new approaches to showcase the genre.  Rather than promoting a few great pieces by a composer, programs are being offered that feature a main theme. Coined “curatorial thinking,” this trend is “increasing the presence of new music.” When was the last time you heard a great classical piece?

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