Inside TicketForce: Hershey Barber

19 Sep

Yeah, that’s right. We have an awesome guy by the name of Hershey that works with us, but he may not have gotten his name from where you think. You may have had the opportunity to speak with him, seeing as he is our sales and client services go-to guy. Let us know if you’ve had the experience of chatting with Hershey, or if you have any questions for him!

Full Name: Hershey Maxwell Op Barber

Title: Sales/Client Services

Years with TicketForce: One and a half.

What attracted you to the ticketing industry: It’s fast pace and never dull environment keep things fresh and new, and of course the potential of getting free tickets to shows:)

Why TicketForce is a great place to work: Why isn’t it? No clue.

Married/Kids/Pets: I would love to be married, but if I can’t afford just a simple girlfriend, then I most likely can’t afford a wife…or kids. We have two dogs in our home that bark on a consistent basis. It’s a lot of fun.

Favorite hobby: Sleeping, to be honest. But I also enjoy DJing and going to shows/concerts with friends.

Random fact about you: I’m not even named after the chocolate, but the actress Barbara Hershey.

Place you are dying to visit: Ibiza, Spain.

Current obsession: Dr. Pepper. It’s becoming a problem.

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