Ticket Scalpers Scalp Winnipeg Jets Tickets

12 Oct

The Winnipeg Jets hockey team has been selling game tickets like hotcakes. TicketNews reports scalpers have apparently been taking advantage of this fact, which has led the team to recently announce that it has cancelled an undisclosed number of season ticket accounts for “activity regarding the re-sale of tickets.” The team provides reasoning behind this move reporting that the account holders acted “contrary to the provisions of account holders’ Ticket Purchase Agreement with the Jets and Provincial law in Manitoba.”

On October 9th, the Jets hosted their first game, with tickets for the game selling well over $1,000 from some secondary ticket vendors. A few days prior to the game, two scalpers were arrested by Winnipeg Police for selling tickets above face value. Undercover policemen arrested the men after responding to their ticket listings online and then meeting with the violators to complete the sale.

The Jet’s management has taken a stand against illegal scalpers by organizing a program called SeatExchange. The program supports ticket exchanges and re-sales for legitimate ticket owners. It also guarantees that the ticket’s on it’s website will not be fraudulent, and will be sold at game day price or lower. SeatExchange will be available soon.

Scalpers are making more and more headlines the last few weeks. What do you think of SeatExchange?

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