TicketForce Family Remembers Their Own

9 Dec

TicketForce tribute to one of our own, Jack Mixey.

The TicketForce family lost one of its own when Jack Mixey passed away on Sunday, December 4.

Jack was married to owner, Brad Smith’s mother, Elaine, for 32 years. Jack was Papa to the Smith girls, taking many family trips together and being near them since birth.

Jack was also part of the family at TicketForce doing building maintenance, even throughout the last year of his sickness. He was always good for a smile, joke, and a laugh. He and Elaine attended many of the staff functions, and he became a friend to all of us.

Jack did the work of someone much younger and always liked to run down the steps in the office rather than walk. At eighty years old, he was often mistaken for someone who looked like he was sixty, and acted like he was twenty!

He touched all of us with his positive attitude and approach to life. It seemed he would live forever, and gave us hope that a life lived well could bring many years of happiness and laughter.

A Memorial Service will be held Sunday, December 11 at 3PM:
Life Community Church
459 N Gilbert Road, Gilbert, AZ
(open to all)

Here are our interview questions with answers for Jack so that you, too, will have insight to this remarkable individual.

Full name: John Henry Mixey (Jack)

Title: Papa

Years with TicketForce: There since the beginning (2003). Investor, encourager, fixer of everything, and assembled all of the Ikea furnishings for the office.

What attracted you to the ticketing industry: He would probably say Brad’s enthusiasm

Why TicketForce is a great place to work: Who wouldn’t want to help with the business one of your kids owns?

Married/Kids/Pets: Married for 32 years to Brad’s mom, Elaine. In love with her for many more. Six sons, one daughter (she went to heaven at age 5), three step-kids, 13 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. The two cats, Minnie and Mickey (Jack’s) are beautiful and run the house. Mickey stayed right next to Jack when he was sick.

Favorite hobby: Probably eating. Hot dogs from Teds are a favorite.

Random fact about you: Jack ran away from home at age 14 and joined the circus. He pretty much lived a real-life version of “Water for Elephants”.

Place you are dying to visit: Heaven

Current obsession: Beating cancer. Jack fought to live a healthy lifestyle and exceeded all predictions for the length and quality of life after the diagnosis.

One Response to “TicketForce Family Remembers Their Own”

  1. rodeocat1888 December 16, 2011 at 11:06 pm #

    We at Prescott Frontier Days were sad to hear about Jack. Sounds like he led an exciting life and you all have lots of memories.

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